FAS 08 - Feria de Arte SonoroFAS 08 - Feria de Arte Sonoro
First Puerto Rican Sound Art Fair

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The Making of FAS 08
This is how the La Respuesta looked like on Thursday before Angel Flores Mangual and Lisa Ladner converted it into...
...the FAS 08 event space. All it took was a vision, lots of plastic and 12 hours of work. Omar, Lisa and Jorge were the organizers and curators of FAS 08.
FAS 08 Impressions
Jeanette Ingberman and Papo Colo take a look at Charles Juhasz-Alvarado's gigantic headphones installation (sound by Fabian Vélez). Joel "Yoyo" Rodriguez test sits in his stereo installation. On the right: The auto sufficient work of Rafael Vargas Bernard.
The End of Cheap Oil... ...by Celso Gonzalez Vargas Bernard in good company.
Elveen Gonzalez and his work... ...on the far right monitor. Installations by Tony Gonzalez Walker.
Araceli Pino did the art work on the right and performed live as Puntito Siniestro. A visitor can't keep his hands off Araceli's masterpiece.
Sound works by Jacob Morales Marchosky,... ...Jorge "Rito" Cordero... ...and Karlo Andrei-Ibarra.
Visitors inside, in front of and interacting with Rebecca Adorno's sound space, Rosamary Berrios multimedia production and Teo Freytes' sound piece.
Juhasz-Alvarado (green shirt) takes a dive in the crowd. Tony Gonzalez urges video artist Bea Santiago, who visited the FAS with her family, to create a sound instead of taking a rest in the Juhasz/Vélez seat. Natalia Martinez offers a megaphone enhanced dialoge in the bathrooms.
Visual artists Carmelo Sobrino and Patricia Paravisini listen to Papo Colo's Sueños ocultos. Listening is the most important action in the FAS 08. Marisol Plard explains her work to visual artist Norah Hernandez.
In front of the venue the work of Luis Berrios and Eric Adamsons can be experienced by riding a pick-up. Jorge Castro and Claudio Chea could later be heard on stage. Between them, MUAC curator and artist Elsa Maria Meléndez hugs a friend.
The stage begins to shine on Friday and Saturday night... ...for Matotumba,... ...Francisco J. Torres...
...who uses radio antenas as instruments,... ...and for S&M among many others. CDs on sale at the FAS Shop.
Ozzie Forbes takes Karlo Andrei-Ibarra's pimped up "carretilla" for a ride. Aprox. 500 people visited the FAS 08. La Respuesta owner José Morales finds time for a smile.
Every day and hour attracted a different crowd: from scensters to families with kids, from art profesionals to people concerned with noise pollution.
"Yoyo" Rodriguez (yellow shirt) Visual artist Cati Matos (left)
Visual artist Chemi Rosado Seijo enjoyes a night out. Raphael Montañez Ortiz' piano destruction concert on DVD got a lot of attention (and buyers).
On the left screen Adal Maldonado's Mambo Madness made people think about the clave. Miriam Morales supervised the box office. Artist Nani Alvarez (the "N" in W&N) is presenting the next generation of sound artists.
Artist G. Nemyr (with glasses) brought her family to the fair. Hard worker and artist Angel Flores took his daughter to the opening. Artist, curator and writer Pedro Vélez stops by before moving to Chicago.
Multimedia artist Teo Freytes (right) talkes to painter Carlos Fajardo. Actor Pablo Tufiño bumped into investigator Taina Caragol and Marc Neumann, all NY based. Omar Obdulio Peña Forty's sound installation with barber shop utensils sparked discussions.
Artist Jorge "Rito" Cordero (left) Walter Fernandez (the "W" in W&N) stands next to Vélez and Chea.
Sound artist Samuel Torres (S&M) listens to other artists, Teo Freytes gets material for his videos, listeners prepare for an experience.
MAP chief curator Cheryl Heartup between curatorial assistant Rachel Mohl and Artnet writer Pedro Vélez. Musician Raul Gaud listens before he performs.
Environmental law expert Francis Torres Fernandez with family. FAS co-organizer Omar is happy to share the moment with Sally.
While visitors frequented the FAS Lounge, Sobrino relaxed with the work of José Luis Vargas and José Luis Baerga that includes his voice and dances over Papo Colo's Salsa Requiem.
Concerts and panels were well attended. Andrés Lugo watches Jorge Castro and AHD doing a sound check.
After three days of sounds, laughter, discussions, noise, music, visual experiences and encounters the space was turned back...
The FAS 08 is history.
Come back in 09!

All photos: Lisa Ladner

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...from FAS 08 to La Respuesta which continues to offer an interesting program.